Informative coin series – Half cents 1793-1797


The US liberty cap half cent was the first United States half cent coin produced. The first minting occurred in 1793. There are a number of distinguishing features of this coin and it shares similarities and design features with many of the cents of that time period. These coins feature a bust of Lady Liberty in which a “freedom” cap is supported above her head. In this variation of the half cent coin Lady Liberty faces the left side and the words liberty are inscribed above her portrait. The minting date of the coin is displayed below Lady Liberty’s bust. On the reverse side of the coin a nicely designed wreath is displayed which includes the denomination of coin. In between the two sides of the wreath are the words half cent. In addition to this inscription surrounding the wreath there is the lettering which reads United States of America. At the very bottom of the wreath is a fraction representing the coin’s value in relation to one dollar. This is represented by a 1/200 signifying the numerical value. Around the actual edge of the coin is lettering which reads 200 for a dollar. This means that there are three numerical identifiers that explicitly state the value of the piece.

Many coin dealers will offer free appraisals and gladly inform you of the value of your liberty cap half cents. In Toledo, these grading professionals can offer key insights into the factors that play into and directly affect the value of the coin itself. Obvious issues on a coin such as a high degree of wear and tear or cleaning will to be worth less. The high relief type which were minted in the 1793 to 94 timeframe will typically indicate more wear on the reverse side of the coin as opposed to the front. Later strikes were found to distribute there wear more evenly and retain the artistic quality of the piece. The coins desing was produced in a lower relief in the later years of the series .In Toledo a few coin dealers and added coin enthusiasts hunt year-over-year for mint state half cents of the 1793 to 97 type. These issues are so rare that very few collectors will ever own one far less come across one in their coin collecting. More serious collectors focus in on certain dates and time frames whereas more traditional individuals will seek them out by type alone.

When looking for a liberty cap half cent piece for your collection, it’s important to understand that the ideal specimen to be of high quality and will be free of any environmental damage. The piece will not be corroded or have any on natural discoloration to the metal. When addressing the strike ensure that the coin is well centered and its wear is distributed evenly. All of these factors come into play when assessing the value of these coins from a coin dealer’s perspective. Avid collectors are also cautioned to look out for any coins which have been doctored to cover up holes and flaws. If you are in Toledo Ohio area you’ll be happy to find that Bedford Coin is ready to give you a free appraisal on your liberty cap half cents & answer any questions you may have.


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