Unique Pattern 1814 Platinum Half Dollar Certified by PCGS

One of the most intriguing — and mysterious — pattern coins ever produced by the United States is now in a Professional Coin Grading Service holder: the unique 1814 platinum Capped Bust half dollar with nearly three dozen “P” punch marks.  It is graded PCGS Secure Plus XF40.

PCGS will use a “new” Judd reference number, Judd-44a, to differentiate it from any other known platinum 1814 half dollar patterns assigned J-44 that do not have punch marks or the word, “Platina,” engraved on the reverse.  This particular coin was pictured in the original edition of the reference book, Pattern, Experimental & Trial Coins, authored by J. Hewitt Judd, MD, and the PCGS insert label identifies it as “Judd Plate Coin.”

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