Informative Coin Series – U.S. LIBERTY CAP LARGE CENTS 1793-1796


The US liberty cap large cents of the time period from 1793 to 1796 represent one of the great classics of the early American copper coin era. Unfortunately this liberty cap coin had a short mintage timespan.  The striking period for this coin lasted only three short years however in the time between 1794 and 1795 the coin was produced thorough the entire year. For this variation of coin and with such a short minting history the liberty cap large cent has numerous dissimilarities to its design. Many coin dealers have sought after this rare find. The liberty cap cent is one of the hardest to find coins of the 1793 US coin type. However it’s sister coin, the 1794 is much more easily obtained by serious collectors.

These beautiful copper coins were created by Joseph Wright. In August of 1793, Joseph began working as an engraver and die sinker at the US mint. Mr. Wright received his formal art education in England and was best known for his works of Pres. George Washington and his wife. Sadly Joseph Wright succumbed to the complications of yellow fever and passed away in the late summer of 1793. Some coin dealers in Toledo, OH have gathered information regarding this and other popular US coin pieces. These stunning works of art are a great representation of the storied history of the United States mint and its impact on the economy as we know it. As far as the US liberty cap large cent is concerned it held a tremendously important role for individuals living in late 18th century America. Half cents and cents played a huge role in commerce as larger denomination coins were traditionally not employed for transactions.

There exist many different varieties for this series of coin. As history recorded each die was made by hand and took many hours to form to completion. Each die artists have unique artistic flair to the coin dies that they produced. Two of the workmen who are heavily involved in the operations during these time periods were Robert Scott and John Smith Gardner. In addition to that each of these individuals had assistants who also aided in the production of their work. Studies have been devoted to each of these individuals as their individuality shows through in the craftsmanship of these coins. There are slight variations in each die in terms of the placement of the lettering, date, in addition to the general execution of the portrait itself. These differentiations are readily identified by the terms “head of” 1793, 1794, or 1795. The Redbook is known to have the use editions listed as individual varieties of the liberty cap large cent.

With this particular coin being struck during only four respective timeframes, coin dealers, appraisers, and collectors have been able to build collections devoted to this specific series. It remains a challenge for coin collectors and dealers in Toledo Ohio to establish an entire series of these coins however some have come close. These unique works of art will continue to be popular in the eyes of collectors and coin enthusiasts across the world.

When looking for a liberty cap cent for your collection, it’s important to understand that the ideal specimen to be of high quality and will be free of any environmental damage. The piece will not be corroded or have any on natural discoloration to the metal. When addressing the strike ensure that the coin is well centered and its wear is distributed evenly. All of these factors come into play when assessing the value of these coins from a coin dealer’s perspective. Avid collectors are also cautioned to look out for any coins which have been doctored to cover up holes and flaws. If you are in Toledo Ohio area you’ll be happy to find that Bedford Coin is ready to give you a free appraisal on your liberty cap  cents & answer any questions you may have.


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