With a rapidly appreciating precious metal markets, individuals are looking for more ways to invest their money in something valuable which has a potential to hold & possibly appreciate. In Toledo Ohio, many coin dealers have been servicing clients as the popularity in gold and silver coins have skyrocketed. Silver bullion products are a nice way to enter the investment market without having to spend a lot . The average price of silver in today’s market is around $30 per ounce & American Silver Eagles command a premium of about $4 over the spot price of silver per ounce. Many individuals start by attending shows and private events where gold and silver coins are showcased, however there is a contingent of collectors who utilize the services of coin dealers in Toledo Ohio to get free appraisals on their investment. One of the most highly sought after silver pieces reside in the category of bullion coins. These bullion coins are increasingly popular due to the fact that their value is held within their metal substance. One such coin is the American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

This increasingly popular coin features a Walking Liberty design that was created by Adolph a Weinman on the obverse & an Eagle with shield on the reverse. The American Silver Eagle dollars are the only valid legal tender silver bullion coins issued by the United States mint. This is unique for a few reasons. One of the most intriguing factors about this coin is that the United States government actually guarantees the weight, content and purity levels of the American Silver Eagle dollar. The fact that the US government stands behind and guarantees this coin, collectors & investors in Toledo Ohio can take comfort in the fact that they are dealing with a legal & gaurenteed product . Many collectors see these coins as an opportunity to store value and in many cases, notice an appreciation in value over time. This particular coin has found itself to become a favorite iconic symbol of the United States and its rich and storied history holds real significance with collectors and investors.

There has been an added push by collectors from all over the world who want to get their hands on a part of United States history. Because of the high demand for the American Silver Eagle bullion coins, they can be easily bought and sold and have proven to be an extremely worthwhile investment over time. It is not too late to get in on the frenzy. Bedford Coin & Jewelry will be happy to not only appraise your existing coins and offer you a top market value for your items but we are her to also sell you American silver Eagels  In today’s turbulent economy owning gold and silver has never been such a sound investment strategy. Over the past five years both of these asset classes have seen themselves appreciate immensely. If you want to take part in this ever-increasing market for silver, take a look at the American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

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